Frequently Asked Questions


What is the CAL?

The CSGO2ASIA League (CAL) follows the popular FPL circuit format for CS:GO. Like the league in NA and EU, the CAL is a ‘soloQ’ only player league – not a team league. We were the first verified hub in Asia on one of the world’s leading CS:GO platforms – FACEIT.

Why should I join CAL?

The matchmaking (MM) system is broken. Whether you play regular MM or on any third-party CS:GO platforms, the toughest thing is finding like-minded people who simply want to have a great playing experience. All of our CAL hubs offer mandatory anti-cheat, direct admin support, a non-toxic environment, a friendly community & voice communication servers by Discord & TeamSpeak. We believe this is the best way to experience CS:GO and for Asian players to practice, upgrade and compete!

How do I join CAL?

The CAL utilizes the FACEIT hub system, a feature open to all users of FACEIT. To join, you need to register on first. All hubs are open to join for those with the correct FACEIT levels, but to be able to play in CAL hubs you are required to be a subscriber (you don’t need to be FACEIT premium subscriber).

Begin your path in the CAL by choosing one of two divisions:

Please note: Hong Kong Servers have been removed since season 3.

How do I know which Division to join?

At the moment, divisions are only restricted based on your FACEIT CS:GO level and your country of residence. If you are a new user to FACEIT, you will have to play a few placement games first in order to determine your level. After gaining your appropriate level, choose the division that matches your level!

How do I join CAL Masters Division?

Since Season 11 (Aug 2019), we have shut down the Pro Division. 'Masters' replaced 'Pro' division and was re-launched on October 1st, 2019. We are currently not accepting new members into Masters Division. Read our news updates to learn more.


I am a subscriber to FACEIT CS:GO/Premium, can I play in CAL?

No. FACEIT subscription is different from a subscription to CAL. If you would like to play in CAL and not pay for another subscription, we suggest to cancel your FACEIT ‘Premium’ or ‘CS:GO’ subscription and subscribe to the CAL instead.

How much is the subscription to CAL?

The standard subscription starts at $1.99 USD/month. Please check for discount offers that we will periodically release through our social media.

How do I cancel the subscription auto-renewal?

Please go to your account settings and check under ‘Subscriptions’. There is an option there to cancel renewals.

I would like to subscribe from China with WeChat Pay or AliPay, do you support this option?

As of now, FACEIT does not support these payment methods. However, we are working hard together with FACEIT to make these available as soon as possible.

I would like to subscribe using skins or cash, is that an option?

As of now, we do not support these payment methods. However, we are working hard together with FACEIT to alternative methods of payment available as soon as possible.

I am having a problem with my payment method, what do I do?

Please note: The CAL team and admins do not handle after-sales payment issues, this is handled by FACEIT only.

FACEIT utilizes Xsolla as a payment manager for various payment gateways. Some payment methods take time to go through the payment networks. If you are using country-specific methods or Skrill, we have reports of delays up to 6 hours. Please be patient. If you make multiple payments when you already have made one then Xsolla will freeze the account to prevent fraud.

All you need to do is to pay once and wait for it to activate. It’s not instant. Depending on the payment method it can take up to six hours. Please be patient and don’t try to pay again! If you still have problems the fastest way is to go through the official Xsolla help channels.

I already subscribed to CAL but I still cannot queue, what’s going on?

First, try to restart your FACEIT client or refresh your page in the browser. If that does not work, please log out and log back in. If you still cannot queue, please see below. If you still experience a non-payment going through despite receiving confirmation, please submit a FACEIT support ticket and let one of our admins know the ticket number to help expedite your process.

I would like a refund of my subscription.

We are sorry you feel this way. Please submit a [FACEIT support ticket] and let one of our admins know the ticket number to help expedite your process.

Seasons and Prizes

How long is a Season of the CAL?

Each season is 1 month. Seasons usually begin on the 1st of every month and last 30 days. On occasion we will create sub-season or special events, so be sure to keep up-to-date through our social media and Discord for these announcements!

What is the total prize pool for CAL?

The total prize pool is $1000 USD and 150,000 FACEIT points. We also have occasional sponsored items like skins and hardware, so make sure to follow us on social media for updates! The following is the breakdown for each division:

Masters Division [US$500]

Division 1 [US$200 + 50,000 FACEIT Points]

Division 2 [US$ 150 + 50,000 FACEIT Points]

Division 3 [US$50 + 50,000 FACEIT Points]

When will prizes be paid out?

All prizes will be paid out between 30-60 days of completion of each season.
(i.e. season ends August 31st, 2020, the prize money will be paid ON or BEFORE October 31st, 2020.)

I do not have PayPal, can you send me the prize via Bank Transfer?

Yes, we can. Please find us in discord so we can assist you.

Can I play in more than one hub?

As long as you meet the level requirements to join and queue in the hub, you may join both. However, only those of the correct level may queue, so you can only play in one hub at a time.

What if I earn a prize in Division 2 and then move to Division 1 and earn a prize there, do I get both prizes?

While we allow you to take part in any division (provided you meet the requirements), you may only claim a prize from one Division. The highest prize will be claimable.

I'm in Masters Division, can I play in Division 1?

Yes. However, you may only claim the prize in the Master's Division - this is to be fair to the integrity of the league. We feel that an invite into the Master's Division is a greater achievement than any single prize. You may rank on the leaderboard in Division 1, but by accepting your invite into Masters, you give up your right to the prizes in Division 1.

CAL Experience

How do I report toxic players, hackers, or other bad experiences?

You may submit a report via our report form over here. Please note, reports without evidence will not result in action. If you wish to report someone but cannot provide evidence, please understand that we cannot process the report. We receive a lot of reports daily, and in order to remain fair and just in our decision making, we simply cannot handle requests without sufficient evidence to support the claim.

Do I need to use Discord?

Yes, it is mandatory to use voice communication in all CAL games. Please join our discord server. Refer to our rules to learn more about our communication policy.

Download Discord

What is the language we must speak in CAL?

All players are required to communicate in English. This includes all areas of the CAL including but not limited to: hub chat, discord support, and in-game chat.

All five players on my team can speak another language, other than English. Can we speak our own language in-game if all five players can speak the same?

Yes, you are allowed to do so if ALL five players can agree.

However, if even ONE player cannot speak your language, but the other four can, you must speak English or another common language that all five players can understand.

Can I queue with my friends?

The CAL queue mode is soloQ only, with the exception of Division 3, which allows duo-queue. You may, however, decide to jump in the queue at the same time as your friends, this is allowed. Rosters are chosen by selected captains. Best of luck!

Your Admin was abusive and/or disrespectful. Where can I report him/her?

We take Admin abuse extremely seriously, both from Admins and towards Admins. Please submit a report immediately using the report form. Do note, report submissions without evidence will not be considered.


How does the leaderboard work?

The leaderboard focuses on your win/loss ratio. One win = +14 points, One loss = -9 points. A winning streak of 5 games grants a one-time bonus of +20 points. Recurring win-streaks will grant the bonus points on top of the win points for a total of 34 points per win.

Does the CAL affect my FACEIT ELO?

Yes, it does.

How much does it affect my ELO?

The ELO gods do not speak.

Server Issues

I am experiencing high var, lag spikes, loss, or bad ping on the Singapore servers. What do I do?

We strongly advise all players to fix their issues individually before queueing. The best way to deal with lag issues is to go through the steps listed at Hiperz. One of the FACEIT admins will receive a ticket you submit and look at your problem specifically.

I’ve followed the steps above and received a reply, but I am still experiencing routing problems. What do I do?

Asia is a vast continent with many ISPs and countless problems that are out of our control. Sometimes, these are even beyond FACEIT’s domain. Please be patient as we try to solve any and all network problems to the best of our ability.

Why are there no Indian servers?

FACEIT currently does not support Indian servers.

Why are there no China servers?

FACEIT currently does not support China servers.

You should include servers in other countries/regions too.

Asia is a very large continent. We put our trust in FACEIT engineers and operations teams to provide the best servers for our region. As they conduct their internal research and analysis and make these options available to us, we will definitely consider it.

FACEIT Hub Issues

I am receiving the error – “You must be in one of the allowed countries to join this hub”. What do I do?

Our Hub limits entry not only on profile flag but on geolocation as well. You must be residing in one of the countries listed in order to play.

To fix this:

  • Go to your accounts settings > personal information > address.
  • Fill out your address, city, and postcode for your location.
  • After this, log out and log back into your FACEIT account at least twice so the geolocation tag refreshes.
  • Try to rejoin the Hub.

I followed the steps above, but I still cannot join the Hub. What should I do?

If this still does not work, please approach an admin for an invite link into the Hub you desire to join. Please send us your FACEIT profile link so we can verify that you meet the correct join criteria.

How do I mute notifications from the Hub?

In the FACEIT desktop client, next to the “Overview” there is a Hub Icon. Click the arrow below and select ‘Mute notifications’

Report System

The reporting system has been set up to allow players to submit a report for indecent behavior. All reports are reviewed and handled by our admins. Please do not spam us in the hub chat.

  • You can check the status of your report by using our support channels in Discord.
  • We absolutely require evidence to process your report and deem it valid. All reports with no supporting evidence will result in no action.
  • If no evidence is available, the CAL admin staff will accept multiple reports about the same player as sufficient evidence. For example, if a player is toxic but no one on the team had time to capture evidence, ALL other members of the team should submit a report about the player in order for our admin team to deem it sufficient.
  • All reports are tracked and recorded. Submitting a report will be added to a player's total and may be used in consideration for future offenses (i.e. 10 invalid reports, but 1 valid report could result in a harsher sanction to the player)
  • If your report is valid and the player found guilty, you will be informed of our decision.
  • If you do not hear back from us it is because your report was considered invalid and no action was taken.

The abuse of reports is strictly prohibited. If any offense is repeated the offender may be kicked or banned from CAL at the CAL staff discretion.